New full-color LED video display designed especially for stage rental, exhibition rental and fixed installation applications with the features of ultra-thin, ultra-light,

fast assembly, high conformity, excellent color consistency.

1. Snap fixing: control box fixed with buckle, wireless design, convinent for installation and maintenance;

2. Include back stand and hanging frame

3. Dislocation joining together: more art inspiration, more modeling;

4. Mixed installation: the two cabinets size of 500mmx500mm and 500mmx1000mm can be installed together;

5. Front and rear maintenance: modules can be removed from front and back side, fast maintenance.


Excellent Design

Multi-function fixed, intelligent positioning, gap adjustable

The entire screen seamlessly, can be quickly installed and removed

Splicing gap flatness <0.1mm


Left Picture:


1. Adjustable Hanging Bracket.

2. Connection detail between hanging bracket and cabinets.

3. Connectiong detail between cabinets (Upper & Lower).

4. Mounting Bracket.

5. Connection detail between cabinets (Left & Right).

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T3 LED WALL P3.9 40 PANELS 500X500MM

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